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The Mavic Pro 2 from DJI is a leader in drone technology. It foldable and sports a 20-megapixel Hasselblad camera. Hasselblad is one of the most famous camera brands and their devices have been used on the moon and at the bottom of the ocean.

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Meta Review 700+

72 kph maximum speed

The Mavic 2 Pro is has set new records for consumer drone speed.

obstacle sensors

Omnidirectional obstacle sensors on all sides of the Mavic 2 Pro.


The drone is easily transportable and weighs just 1.1 kg (2.4 lbs)..


Hasselblad camera, 1″ CMOS sensor, adjustable aperture, 10-bit HDR video, Hyperlapse, 24-48 optical zoom, omnidirectional obstacle sensors, ActiveTrack 2.0, 31 minute flight time, 72 kph max flight speed, and a 7km (4.3 mile) range.


DJI is a Chinese technology Company based in Shenzhen, China. They specialize in aerial photography and videography. The current leader in the drone market for both civilian and commercial gear, their drones have been used in the film, music, and television industries.

1 inch cmos sensor for exceptional images

With an active sensing area 4 times greater than its predecessor, the Mavic 2 Pro captures more data in every picture for exceptional images.


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