For those who love history and our wondrous world, The Mini Museum 4 is a collection of artifacts spanning billions of years.  Among the 29 real specimens are a piece of the first space shuttle, a pebble from Pangea, and a fragment of bone from a raptor. The collection is encased in Lucite acrylic and designed to inspire. Included are a certificate of authenticity and a hardcover companion guide.

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through the ages

Artifacts spanning billions of years.

29 Specimens

In the palm of your hand.


The Mini Museum is a handcrafted and limited edition collectible.


  • Extra-terrestrial amino acids (4 billion years old)
  • Lunar highlands
  • Raptor
  • Pangea
  • Knight’s sword
  • First Space Shuttle
  • Aztec Empire
  • Sabre-Tooth Tiger


The Mini Museum was created by Hans Fex. He has been able to launch a create Mini Museum through the support of over 20,000 backers on kickstarter and is now on his fourth Mini Museum design.

The universe

A personal collection designed to inspire wonder in what is truly an amazing universe. This is a hand-crafted collectable for display, conversation, and curiosity.


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